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DROM Taberna is a heartfelt homage to places that we came from, have traveled to, or have never been - the lands that stretch from the Baltic to the Balkans to the Black Sea.

Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belorus, Czeska Republika, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Georgia.

The golden thread that ties this soil together is the Romani people. From the deserts of India, over mountain and sea in their westward journey, the gypsies brought the traveller spirit to many gadjo.

That is us, finding community amongst strangers, joy in the face of adversity, immigrant souls eating, drinking and playing music together. 

In Romani Latcho Drom means “safe journey”. Drom is a Slavic loan word that means voyage, travel, adventure, the open road…

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Upcoming Events

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Weekdays: 12PM - 2AM   Weekends: 11 AM – 2 AM
458 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON


All prices include tax.

Draught Beers $

House Pils - No Bud, Corona or Canadian, this instead 7
Pilsner Urquell - authentic pour (Plzen, Czech) 9
Hefeweisse (wheat) -
Paulaner (Germany) 8
Dunkelweisse (dark wheat) -
Kacker-Pschorr (Germany) 9
Guest tap from Germany -
ask what’s on! 9
Lagunitas (San Diego, California) (16oz) 8
Stout -
Murphy’s (Ireland) 9
Seasonal -
small batches from local breweries 7-9
Cider -
KW Craft sparkling apple cider (6.7%, 16oz) 9

Tall Cans

Pilsner/Lager - Kozel (Czech Republic) 8
Pale Lager -
Valjevsko (Serbia) 8


Strawberry Wheat - Früli (Belgium, 12oz) 9
Pilsner/Lager -
Żywiec (Poland) 8

White Wine glass bottle

Muscat - Ottonel Navip ‘15 (Serbia) 6 28
Riesling - Bohém ‘16 (Hungary) 10 45
Assyrtiko - Porto Carras ‘15 (Greece) * 12 50

Red Wine glass bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon - Navip ‘15 (Serbia) 6 28
Merlot/Xinomavro -
King of Hearts ‘16 (Greece) * 10 45
Vranac -
Pro Corde ‘13, Reserve (Montenegro) 12 50


Grande Cuvee Brut - Hungaria (Hungary) 11 45


Grenache - Augustin Florent ‘16 (Provence) 10 45

(* Indicates Organic Wine)

House Cocktails $
All mixes, none shaken.

Szarlotka - Żubrówka, apple, mint 8
Beton -
Becherovka, tonic, grapefruit 8
Balkanizer -
Slivovitz, Campari, Amaro Montenegro 12
Bloody Revolution -
Vodka, Beet Kwas, horseradish, pickle
garnish. Forget about Mary, down with Caesar, no Gods, 10
no masters, have a bloody revolution.

We specialise in a wide array of spirits from all across the
globe with a focus on Eastern European treats. Due to the rarity and rotating
nature of many of these stellar boozes, this is just a taste of the delicious drams we have on offer.
For full selection, come to Drom! Prices are all for 1oz shots.


Polish vodka

Luksusowa (potato), Wyborowa (rye), Żytnia (rye)
Żubrówka (Bison grass), Żołądkowa Gorzka (herbal), all - $5

Gdański Spirytus (76%) - $6


Zirkova - $6


Legend of Kremlin - $10

Rakija & Palinka
Clear fruit brandies, not sweet but strong

Slivovitz Navip (plum, Serbia) $5
Kosher Slivovitz (Hungary) $7
Breskva (peach, Montenegro) $6
Pecsétes (apricot, Hungary) $6
Kruna Loza (grape, Montenegro) $8
Stara Sokolova (plum, Serbia) $8
Stara Sokolova Medovina (plum & honey, Serbia) $8
Navip Kruska (pear) $10
Navip Kajsija (apricot) $10
Navip Dunja (quince) $10

Medicinal drams perfect after a hearty meal

Amaro Montenegro ( Italy) $5
Becherovka (cinnamon & clove, Czech) $6
Unicum (bitters, Hungary) $7
Pelin (bitter, Croatia) $7
Chartreuse (bitter, France) $9

Rest of the World
Bruichladdich (Scotch, unpeated) $10
Laphroaig 1/4 Cask (Scotch, peaty) $10
Tullamore Dew (whiskey, Ireland) $6
Jim Beam (Bourbon, Kentucky) $6
Alberta Premium (Rye, Canada) $6
Appleton Estate (Rum, Jamaica) $6
Bombay Sapphire (Gin, England) $6
Altos (tequila, Mexico) $6
Tromba (tequila, Mexico) $9



It all started when…

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